Sherline Lathe Review

If you are a person who’s in need of a good bench-top precision lathe then look no further. We found a lathe that’s not too expensive, works great, and will look great on your bench-top. This is a lathe made by Sherline.

Sherline is known to produce great stuff. Its lathes are made in the USA and they are worthy of mentioning. Their products are great, affordable, and will last you for ages.

Sherline Lathe 4000/4100 ReviewSherline Lathe 4000/4100 Review

The Sherline Lathe can do plenty of stuff and they can easily be compared with the most expensive lathes on the market.

Sherline Lathe Features

They come with a DC motor with speed control, a 2.75″ x 6.0″ crossline with two T-slots, a kevlar reinforced drive belt, an 8-foot three-wire power cord, two-position pulleys, and anti-backlash adjustment on a Y-axis leadscrew. Faceplate, lathe dog, two dead centers, tool post, two hexagonal keys, high-speed cutting tool, instruction booklet.

It has a variable speed control from 70 to 2800 RPM

How good are the Sherline lathes?

As we said before, coming at an affordable price their lathes can be compared to the most expensive and best lathes on the market. With a lathe purchased from Sherline, you’ll easily be able to do what every lathe is capable of. With its great quality, this thing can last you for ages. It isn’t hard to get used to it and you’ll find yourself using it extremely easy.


Should you buy one of these?

There are lots of lathes on the market, however only a few are worth mentioning. But, considering the price of these lathes, it’s abilities and it’s build quality we would definitely recommend it. Anyone looking to purchase a lathe should definitely take a look at Sherline lathes. You won’t be disappointed purchasing a product from Sherline, that’s for sure!