Proxxon MF70 Mini Milling Machine Review

Do you need a good milling machine? Something that will last you for some time? The Proxxon mf70 mini milling machine will sure help you with that. This handy little tool will be able to do plenty of things for you. It’s something any man should have in his house.

Proxxon MF70 review

Proxxon MF70 Mini Milling Machine ReviewThe Proxxon MF70 isn’t something you should pass on. At a very affordable price compared to its competitors, Proxxon has managed to put a lot of power into this small tool. It will serve you for ages because of its incredible quality.

Features of the Proxxon MF70

This is a small and beautiful mill for anyone that needs a milling machine. It’s made from cast iron. This ensures its durability and safety. The vertical column and compound table are made of high-quality aluminum.

  • Speed ranges from 5000-20000 RPM
  • 1/8 HP motor
  • Table 250 x 70mm
  • Travel Distances: X 150mm, Y 70mm, Z 70mm.
  • Resolution of step motors: 0.005mm
  • Height: 370mm.
  • Weight 7kg.

We really love this tool. It’s small, yet so handy. It’s an amazing mill coming at a very affordable price. The Proxxon MF70 will last you for ages. Compared to its competitors this little tool is simply a beast. If you were wondering which mill you should buy, or if you should buy the Proxxon MF70 we ensure you that you won’t make a mistake buying this unit.

We have also noticed that we are not the only people who love it. There have been plenty of reviews that this is a great tool and that everyone who is searching for a milling machine should have it. Of course, there’s a reason why people say that. The company Proxxon really loves their customers and brings the best for the cheapest price possible. This is why they are very popular and loved by everyone in this industry.