Jet 1221VS Lathe Review

If you are looking for a good machine that will help you shape wood, metal, or some other material then buying a good lathe is a must. Whether you are a hobbyist, a beginner, or a professional there are plenty of lathes you can choose from on this huge market. However, there aren’t many metal/wood lathes worth mentioning. For starters, most of them either come at a very high price, or they have terrible quality and you’ll have problems as soon as you buy one of those.

But, a wood lathe such as the 1221VS made by Jet can be an incredible tool for your household. The company jet sure knows how to make this type of machines. This is one of the best wood lathes you can purchase for a very affordable price, compared to other wood/metal lathes.

This handy little tool has plenty of features. And in this Jet 1221VS review we’ll speak about most of them and help you decide if you should buy them.

Features of the Jet 1221VSJet 1221VS Lathe MachineReview

  • Amazing speed control
  • 60-3600 RPM speed
  • Optimal speed ranges
  • Very easy forward to reverse
  • New ratchet style belt tension system
  • Spring-loaded spindle lock
  • Handy controls
  • Acme thread
  • 24 indexing positions
  • 1 HP
  • Spindle Bore 3/8″

What’s included with this tool?

You’ll get

  • Lathe
  • 1 Live center
  • 1 Spur Center
  • Spindle Wrench
  • Knockout Rod
  • 2 Tool Caddies
  • 4 Button head Screws
  • 2 Tool Supports
  • 3: Face Plate
  • Owner’s Manual

If you are still wondering whether you should buy this tool, do not. Trust us, there isn’t really anything much better on the market that is in this price range. The jet 1221vs is definitely a great wood lathe for its money. It will help you cut wood incredibly easily and without any problems. This tool will come in handy plenty of times, plus it will last you for ages. After all, if you are a man then you MUST have one of these.