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Sherline Lathe 4000 Grizzly G8688 Mini Grizzly G0602 Bench Top
Sherline 4000 Lathe Machine Review Grizzly G8688 Mini Lathe Review Grizzly G0602 Bench Top
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Speed range 70-2800 RPM Low Range: 0-1100 RPM, High Range: 0-2500 RPM 6 Speeds: 150, 300, 560, 720, 1200, 2400 RPM
Motor powerful DC motor with electronic speed control 3/4 HP, 110-volt, single-phase 1 HP, 110V, single-phase
Distance between centers 8 inches 12 inches 22 inches
Shipping Weight 25 pounds 89.2 pounds 447 pounds

The company Grizzly has incredible products. Their products are easy to use, safe, and can last you for ages. In this article, you will find our Grizzly lathe review on some of their best products.

Grizzly G0632Z Wood lathe review

The Grizzly wood lathe is a very powerful and sturdy tool. It’s made to do its job and it has amazing durability. This Grizzly wood lathe can be quite helpful in many situations.

  • 1-1/4 inch x8 TPI RH headstock spindle
  • Spindle variable speed control with digital readout
  • Weight: 394 Pounds
  • 445-inch
  • Dimensions: 77-1/16-Inch Length x 22-1/16-Inch Width x 47-Inch Height

It’s made from a steel bed and cast iron legs. This lathe is sturdy and will tackle any challenge within its grasp. It has a strong motor cooled with a fan. Dust resistant. This Grizzly wood lathe will serve you for years. Variable speed control helps you choose the exact speed you need. It also has a digital readout providing an exact read every time.

Comes with a high-speed range of 250-3200, while the low-speed range it’s from 100-1200.

Grizzly G0462 Wood Lathe Review

Grizzly G0462 Lathe Machine ReviewThis wood lathe comes with a digital readout. It has a 2 HP motor. It’s incredibly easy to change speeds on this tool making it very flexible for your needs. You can also turn the outboard up to 360.

It’s made from solid cast iron which will ensure you have smooth work. With it’s sturdy and stable legs, it also supports adding your own custom-built shelf.

  • 2 HP Motor
  • Spindle tachometer with digital readout
  • Heavy-duty, precision ground cast-iron legs, and the bed will ensure sturdiness and minimal vibration.
  • 1″ x 8 TPI RH headstock spindle
  • Easy outboard turning
  • 10 speed: Ranging from 600 to 2400 RPM
  • Weight: 354 lbs




Grizzly G0602 review

Another incredible product made by Grizzly is the G0602. This is one of the best metal lathes.

Grizzly G0602 is one of the most affordable, high-quality, benchtop metal lathe that you can buy on the market. We can assure you, you won’t find something that offers the same features as the Grizzly G0602 in this price range. This amazing tool offers a lot of features for a very handsome price and it will be an amazing tool for your household.

FeaturesGrizzly G0602 Bench Top

  • It has 6 speed gearbox: 150 RPM, 300 RPM, 560 RPM, 720 RPM, 1200 RPM and 2400 RPM
  • Oil bath gearbox
  • Number of inch threads: 33
  • Range of inch threads: 8–72 TPI
  • Number of metric threads: 26
  • Range of metric threads: 0.25–3.5mm
  • Great quality
  • 1″ Spindle bore
  • Weighs only 300 lbs.



Grizzly Gunsmith Lathe review

This gunsmithing lathe is another one of the incredible Grizzly’s products. It has 8 speeds, and a 2 HP motor. A foot brake for safety, flood coolant system, halogen work light, and a pull out chip tray. This is a very well stocked gunsmithing lathe!Grizzly G0776 Gunsmithing Lathe Review

Features of the Grizzly G0776 Gunsmithing Lathe

  • Digital Readout
  • Quick and easy to use gearbox
  • Pull-out chip tray
  • Foot brake
  • Quick-change tool post
  • Halogen work light
  • Flame-hardened headstock gears
  • Built-in coolant system
  • Splash guard
  • Hardened cast iron bed
  • D1-4 Camlock spindle

Grizzly G4015Z Lathe/Mill Combo Review

Grizzly G4015Z Lathe/Mill Combo ReviewGrizzly took their basic Metal Lathe and Milling machines and made it much better. They increased its capacity, durability, and usability. The Grizzly Combo Lathe mill is an incredible machine, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional worker. This tool will give you everything you need from a metal lathe and much more!

More, gears, a spindle bore of 3/4″, and a longer bed are just some of the new features added to this new tool. You’ll get incredible features in a very small package!


  • T-slots in the cross slide
  • Cuts inch & metric threads
  • Turret tool post
  • 4″ 3-jaw chuck
  • Tailstock offsets 1/2″
  • Built-in vise